Generally speaking, homeowners have been entitled to a partial abatement of their School Taxes under the NYS STAR program (usually worth several hundred dollars annually).  The process had been to file the STAR Application with the local tax assessor, and it would reduce what a homeowner paid to the School Tax Collector (file once, get the credit annually).

Beginning last year, NEW (and ONLY new) purchasers would register for the STAR tax abatement online with the State, and instead of reducing their School Tax paid during the year, they would pay the FULL price to the School Tax Collector, but then get a check from the State directly for the equivalent tax abatement, supposedly in September, when homeowners were to pay their school taxes.

Unfortunately, in addition to having some confusion by having different systems for existing and new purchasers, the State has not effectively delivered on their promise to get the STAR checks to homeowners in September, with some homeowners waiting months longer.

Because of this, the State Legislator is likely to revert to the old system, perhaps effective by the NEXT school tax year (not this Fall).

For the latest legislative status, please see the link below.