Nearly all residential real estate contracts give the purchaser the right to conduct a final walk through of the home in the last day or two prior to the closing.  This is NOT to conduct another full inspection, but rather an opportunity for the purchaser to confirm there was no damage to the home from the time the contracts were signed until the closing, that any repairs the seller agreed to do in the contract were completed properly, and that the home was left vacant and broom clean (NOTE:  broom clean.  Not mother in law is coming to visit-clean.  So now is not the time to nit pick insignificant items.)
This walkthrough is usually conducted with the buyers’ realtor, and usually on the very day of the closing.  Any new issues that are discovered should be documented by photos, video, etc as best you can so that an escrow or credit can be negotiated by the buyer’s attorney at the closing.  Further, some basis to estimate the repair should be researched so that the parties can decide on what amount would be appropriate for the credit or escrow.
Two warnings, however.
First, only NEW items can be addressed through the walkthrough.  We can’t raise an issue that existed before contracts were signed, but that we didn’t notice until the walkthrough.
Second, if the issue isn’t raised at the closing, it is almost always WAIVED.   After the closing, it’s natural to notice more issues, but unfortunately, that’s where the “as is”, is…..  In other words, SPEAK NOW (at the closing), or you’re stuck with the lazy bum, even if he always takes his mother’s side in arguments, till death (or the subsequent sale) do you part.